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The Asset Audit

So you want to launch, but what do you need? 

I got you boo 

During our call we will see what you already have, where the holes are and what you need to fix it. 

After our call I’ll send you the audit ready to hand over to your team to fill in the gaps and get you launch fit. 


– Audit call with me to check exactly where you are in terms of asset readiness (team members welcome)

– a full list of what you can use for this launch

– a full report of what you need

– a timeline of when to deploy it all 


The Launch Copy Bundle

Oh heyyyy you there doing all the things single handedly.

This is for you if you have your product ready to go but either have no time or absolutely no wish to write all of the words to get it out into the world! 

I hear you, how about I do it instead? Sound good? cool


I will create your promo copy including

– opt in page copy 

– sales page copy

– sales emails

– thank you page &

– welcome email 

The VA Handover

You MUST outsource they all say. But must you? And if you do. what will you outsource and how will you know it is done?

How can you trust ANYONE to do the things just like you do? Short answer is, you can’t exactly.

But we CAN make the handover easier, and you never know you and your VA might just be at the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

Together we will

– look at your processes (or lack of, no shame here)

– discuss how to find the right person for you

– discuss how to best communicate your needs and wants to your new hire 

– decide on the first tasks to be handed over 


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